Campaign 5000

Ladies and Gentlemen,

We are pleased to announce the launch of

The 5000 campaign

The objective? To meet our needs with :

  • the purchase of a 9-seater minibus,
  • new rooms to increase the number of work spaces,
  • scholarships to help finance school fees for one year for some children,
  • the purchase of new equipment in various fields.

How can we do this?

By asking 1000 people for €5 per month for one year.

To know more:

We are recognised as a public utility, so your donations will be tax-free!

All contributors will receive our newsletter between each holiday, which will keep you informed of the developments made thanks to your donations!

Thank you in advance for your involvement!

The children and adult members of École Pleine Nature

Help us take the next step

Dear supporters , 

Our democratic, bilingual, school opened it’s doors in September 2017 in the Ariège. Currently we have 77 students from the ages of 5 -18 and 9 staff members including one service civic volunteer. 

Our tuition fees are means tested and for our school the average is 2700 euros per year/child (at a minimum rate of 2500 euros per year).

However, to maintain our outgoing costs and improve the setting we need a cash injection. 

We have already had to increase the school fees once (3 years ago) to improve the educational accompaniment in the school, now we need to improve the setting. We need to increase the number of classrooms and  carry out work to reduce noise levels within the building and we need to buy a school bus to facilitate school trips and sports as well as invest in materials for specific subjects such as science and technology. 

 We are asking for your support so that we can invest in the school and its future and not lose the families with the lowest incomes by having to increase our fees; 

-Our strategy for this is to ask supporters to commit to paying a small fixed amount each month. 

Our aim is to collect 5 euros per month from 1000 people over a year.  

It will be the cumulative effect that will allow our school to grow and foster a rich and vibrant environment. 

It will also benefit families on lower incomes to access the school as it would allow us to have some bursaries available. 

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