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We are settled in the foothills of the french Pyrenean mountains based in the Ariege a department in southwest France. Children from 6 years old onwards are assisted and guided to make choices about their own learning and their school environment. The childrens' happiness is paramount to us in all aspects of their lives within the school.
Our project was born out of a need for social innovation, mainly in terms of education and learning in the Couserans area. The French educational system is in full mutation; there is a need to expand beyond purely theoretical, traditional education. More and more teachers, whether they are in national education or in alternative schools, want to put the child's learning experience at the heart of the educational project.
Our objective is to create happy, confident, respectful, kind and responsible children who find it easy to adapt to changes; who have the communication skills to work within groups and yet the confidence and passion to also work on their own.
Unlike the majority of democratic schools world-wide, here in France, we are obliged to follow the 
‘socle commun’; so there is a follow-up with the children by staff members who make sure we abide by these laws.

Children and Adults at the school are all considered members. Everyone has equal voices and rights.
The staff members are a group of passionate professionals dedicated to the education and well-being of children and their environment. They've all trained in at least one module of
Non Violent Communication.
As with many democratic schools there is no age segregation at Ecole Pleine Nature. Children are allowed to learn at their own paces and from their own interests. They have the opportunities to learn through clubs, classes and individual contracts with staff members. All materials and equipment used, requires the children to have a certificate or permit.

The children have the freedom to discover their passions. When they have found them they can indulge in as much or as little time as they please; however they must adhere to the school rules which have been created by the members over the years. The rules are continuously evolving - as is every aspect of the school. This is democratic education. No one democratic school is the same as another. Ecole Pleine Nature revolves around the needs of its members.

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